15 February 2011

Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller Table of Contents

A book I am looking forward to with more excitement than I can possibly express without exploding or somehow otherwise embarrassing myself is The Collected Short Stories of Carol Emshwiller, Volume 1, forthcoming from Nonstop Press. You'll be hearing a lot more about it and Carol Emshwiller here in the coming weeks, but for now I wanted to note that the table of contents for the book has now been posted.


For the moment, that's the most eloquent response I can summon.


  1. Hmmm...I know Carol Emshwiller was illustrator/video artist Ed Emshwiller's wife, and I knew she began writing at some time during their marriage...but I didn't know she had built a substantial body of work or, judging by your reaction to this first volume of her collected work, that her work was deserving of a "Wow!" (I used to see her novel CARMEN DOG in the Science Fiction Bookstore in NYC and elsewhere, but never anything else.)

    Why the exclamation? For those of us who may only be glancingly familiar with who she is--or not all--what about her work compels interest?

    (BTW...I followed the link to the publisher and saw that they had published a book on the work of SF artist Jack Gaughan! I always thought he had been undeservingly overlooked and forgotten since his death, and I look forward to seeing this book. As it happens, I have the other two books by the same author for the same publisher, on Lee Brown Coye and Ed Emshwiller, respectively. Unfortunately, the author is a terrible writer, clumsy and pedantic. I got through about 2/3 of the book on Coye, and I haven't even tried to read the book on Emshwiller yet, having just perused the illustrations. At the least, I'll be able to enjoy the Gaughan book for the illustrations, even if the author's writing has not improved.)

  2. Her short stories are weird and wonderful -- I discovered her first in Dangerous Visions, then read the collection The Start of the End of It All and adored it. I'll be saying a lot more here about her work in the next few months. For now, the most extended writing I've done on her is my review of her novel Mister Boots for SF Site.