David Markson's Marginalia

David Markson reading (or talking)

I just got sent a link to a new Tumblr blog, Reading Markson Reading, created by Tyler Malone. You remember, of course, that David Markson died back in June, and then (according to his wishes, it seems) his personal library was discreetly mingled in with all the other books for sale at The Strand. This led to fans collecting them and sharing the marginal notes they found.

Tyler Malone describes the purpose of the blog:
The Strand is pretty much out of any Markson-owned books now, the hunt is officially over. Not too long ago I was told by a worker at The Strand that he is fairly positive that I own more than double the amount of Markson-owned books of any other Markson Treasure Hunter. I have around 250 or so of his books. And here, once a day, I plan to share some of his marginalia.
For those of us who weren't able to join in the hunt, and who now suffer, perhaps, a little bit of envy of those other lucky souls, this blog is a marvel and a joy. Thank you, Tyler Malone, for caring enough to collect Markson's books, and especially for caring enough to want to share what you discovered in them.

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