Return of the Sandman Meditations

Things are likely to remain quiet around here for a little bit, because I need to force myself to kill the demons of procrastination and write a bunch of things for which I have deadlines.

But as one little hiatus begins, another ends -- Gestalt Mash is back (in beta) with new and better hosting, having suffered what any new site likes to suffer: faster-than-expected growth. Kudos to Jay Tomio for a huge amount of work migrating the site over the past few weeks.

Anyway, my latest column is about Season of Mists, Episode 3. (Previous installments are still here.) It contains this brilliant nugget of subtle insight, sure to recontextualize the entire Sandman series for you:
Entrails. Yum.


  1. Excellent, as always. Sandman lends itself to this kind deconstruction very well, it is multi-layered to a fault.

    Being of the Scandinavian persuation myself, Norse mythology is a know quantity to me. That is actually kind of a liablity in reading some of Gaimans work. American Gods held few mysteries for me after one of the priciples introduced himself as Wednesday.

    Loki’s faith is indeed horrible. Then again, so is all the gods and giants in the pantheon. That is what is fascinating about Norse mythology, it’s fatalistic to the extreme, especially for the gods. I like Gaiman’s take on Odin and Loki here, however. Very fitting.


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