New Columnists at Strange Horizons

I've been writing columns for Strange Horizons for some time now, chronicling whatever happened to be obsessing me at the moment when the column was due, for better or ill. It's a good challenge. Various other columnists have come and gone during that time, with Karen Healey and John Clute being the most recent regulars, offering diverse and fascinating stuff.

Now, two more folks have joined the roster, and they're both people I've at least been acquainted with for a while, people who I have great fondness and respect for: Vandana Singh and Genevieve Valentine. Vandana's first column appeared last week, Genevieve's this week. Great, great stuff.

We've also been asked to provide names for our columns in addition to the individual column titles. Clute's got Scores, Vandana is Diffractions, and Genevieve is Intertitles. I envy them all. (Being in such hallowed company, I'm tempted to call mine Excrement, but I'll probably come up with something slightly less accurate by Friday, when I need to settle on it...)

Also, the Reader's Award Poll results are in -- congratulations to all the winners: Theodora Goss (fiction), Marge Simon (poetry), Orrin Grey (nonfiction), and Abigail Nussbaum (reviewing). I was startled to discover I came in fourth in the reviewer category, despite publishing only two reviews last year, I'm grateful to all of you who held your noses and put my name on your ballots! I'm biased, of course, but I think SH has the best stable of reviewers in the SF world, and it's humbling to be included among them.

And here, because I expect you probably need it, is Frank O'Hara's poem "Autobiographia Literaria".

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