Herzog's Gatsby

You might have seen the trailer for Baz Luhrman's upcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

I liked it, since I don't much care for the novel and I think Luhrman's stylistic excess probably matches the prose of the book pretty well. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio's greatest talent (?) is his general aura of blankness and vapidity, which fits the character.

But it did seem to me the trailer was missing something. What could it be? I wondered. And then, like a bolt of ecstatic truth straight out of the abyss of the past, it hit me! Werner Herzog!

Because everything is better with Herzog.

And so I present to the world, "Herzog's Gatsby":


  1. You are such a nut! Although I might I actually watch Herzog version. I remember in high school that the Great Gatsby gave me my first deeply conscious awareness of what Toni Morrison talks about in that nonfiction book (title of which I'm not going to google just now) and I realized the ornamental, lenders-of-excitement-and-coolness function blacks played in the text. And lo these many years later, black music, black musicians grinning and playing their horns, black women energetically writhing, are playing the same function for a bunch of white stars. Plus ca change...

    Kai in NYC


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