Blood: Stories Update

We're almost there — my debut book, Blood: Stories, was scheduled for January release, but is going to be a couple weeks late, because things happen, it's a small press, etc. It looks like it's going to be a really beautiful object and well worth the wait. I expect copies will be making their way out in the world around the second week of February. [Update 29 February: Wrong about that. Physical copies have made their way to me, which means they're on their way to the distributor, and once the distributor has done all their distributory things to them, they'll be out in the world. Any day now...]

The book's info has been submitted to the distributor (Small Press Distribution), and should appear in their databases early next week, which will allow bookstores and libraries to place orders. It should also be hitting all the online vendors soon. (It's been on Goodreads for a while.) That means the pre-order sale from Black Lawrence Press will end [and it has], so if you want to order directly from the publisher at a discount, you'll need to do it immediately to get the discount.

Update: The book is now available for pre-order at Amazon, and ought to be at B&N, Bookdepository, etc. very soon. This means BLP can't offer a discount on it themselves anymore, but they will of course be hugely grateful to you if you order directly through them.

People have asked about e-books. BLP does not yet do e-books, though they're hoping to have them by the end of the year. Plans are afoot. But I doubt there will be any before summer at the earliest.

I'll be stepping out of my hermitage and making some appearances to support the book. The first will be Sunday Salon in New York City on February 21. Then I'll be at the AWP Conference in Los Angeles (March 30-April 2), where I'm doing a couple of signings and a reading. This summer, I'll be at Readercon. More details on all of this later. My newsletter and/or Twitter are good ways to keep up with what I'm up to.

(Reviewers: Either BLP or I can provide a PDF, an unofficial e-book, or, if you're really convincing about your need for it, a physical copy [they're a small press with limited resources, and hardcopies are not cheap even for the publisher]. Email me or

And here is the table of contents:

“How to Play with Dolls”
Weird Tales, no. 352, November/December 2008

One Story, no. 81, 2006

Sunday Salon, November 2009

“Getting a Date for Amelia”
Failbetter, no 4, 2001

“The Lake”
Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, no. 21, November 2007

“Lonesome Road”
Icarus, Winter 2010.

Ideomancer, 2004

“In Exile”
Mythic, edited by Mike Allen.  Mythic Delirium Books, 2006

“How Far to Englishman’s Bay”
Nightmare, August 2013

“The Last Elegy”
Logorrhea, edited by John Klima. Bantam Books, 2007

“The Voice”
The Flash, edited by Peter Wild, Social Disease, 2007

previously unpublished

“New Practical Physics”
Say…What’s the Combination, 2007

"Mrs. Kafka"
previously unpublished

“Where’s the Rest of Me?”
previously unpublished

previously unpublished

“The Art of Comedy”
Web Conjunctions, 2006

“Walk in the Light While There is Light”
Failbetter, no. 42, 2012

“A Map of the Everywhere”
Interfictions,  edited by Delia Sherman & Theodora Goss, Small Beer Press/ Interstitial Arts Foundation, 2007

Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, edited by Steve Berman. Lethe Press, 2013

“The Island Unknown”
Unstuck 2, 2012

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