Want to Write a Review?

I have advanced proofs of two forthcoming books, Harry Turtledove's Homeward Bound and Stephen Baxter's Exultant that are parts of series I have not read and don't expect to read any time soon, so I'm not going to review the books.

However, I expect somebody out there might have read either Baxter's Coalescent, to which Exultant is a sequel, or the various books in Turtledove's Worldwar or Colonization series. If you have, and want me to send you the proofs I've got, then here's a deal:

1. Send me an original review of 500-1,000 words of either Coalescent or the other Turtledove books.

2. If I like it enough to post it here at The Mumpsimus, I'll send you the corresponding proof. (So include your postal address in your email.)

3. You will then read the proof and send me another review of 500-1,000 words to post.

Since I've only got one proof for each book, whoever responds with the first publishable review will get the prize. (I can't sit around all day waiting for the next John Clute to email me, after all.) If nobody responds within a month, or if none of the responses seem to me to be worth posting, the offer is no longer valid. Void where prohibited by prohibitions.

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