20 October 2004

Good News for Writers and Readers

Just got some good news about two writers. Sonya Taaffe has sold a collection of short stories to Prime and a collection of poems to Aegis, both for 2005 release.

M. Rickert has sold a collection of stories to Golden Gryphon, to be titled A Very Little Madness. I'm assuming this will also be a 2005 release. (Update 10/21: Alas, it's coming out in 2006.)

2004 has been a pretty good year for collections, and now 2005 looks like it will continue that trend (Jeff Ford's got a new collection coming out eventually, too, but that may be 2006).

I'm particularly interested, because I have an interview with M. Rickert coming out in IROSF sometime before the end of the year, and am currently transcribing an interview I did with Sonya this weekend, and which I will post here (sometime before the end of the year -- I'm a slow transcriber). So, apparently, if I interview you, you will eventually have a collection of stories accepted for publication. I think Jeff VanderMeer might have a collection coming out within the next year or two. Who's next? Paolo? Alan? Kirsten? Cheryl?