25 May 2005

New Blogs & Blew Nogs

Two very fine writers have started weblogs: Ian MacDonald and Justine Larbalestier. Please go encourage them. Next week I'll try to update the sidebar here with all the various new blogs that have been popping up, as well as other things I've promised or thought about...


  1. Thanks for the mention! Now I'm feeling mean about my mention of you in my most recent post . . . Twas about the spoiler thing--meant in jest. Honest. I very much enjoyed all the debate about spoilerage here a few weeks back.

    Sorry you won't be at WisCon. It is the bestest of all cons.

  2. Don't feel mean -- anybody who can't take criticism shouldn't make their opinions public. Much of what I value about the world of blogs is the back-and-forth exploration of ideas, and that means people need to disagree. I knew that that particular opinion would garner a lot of dissent, but I thought the discussion was productive.