24 May 2005

WisCon Whispers

For some reason, various people think I'm going to be at WisCon, but, alas, I'm not, because it's graduation weekend at the school where I work. I don't know where the rumor started, but I've gotten a bunch of emails over the past month saying, "Hey, so I hear you're going to be at WisCon!" I would love to be at WisCon, because I hear it's one of the most interesting conventions in existence, and lots of people I very much want to meet in person will be there, but it is not to be.

Before today, I was particularly upset not to be at WisCon this year, because the new Rat Bastards chapbook was going to be released, and I've got a story in it. But now I hear it's been delayed at the printer, so while there will be an infestation of Rat Bastards, there will not (last I heard) be any of the new chapbooks. So I'm not quite as upset as I was before. (But I still wish I could go.)

Soon I'm sure you'll be able to order copies of the chapbook from the website, and you should do so, because there are some great writers included: Vandana Singh, Rudi Dornemann, Dean Francis Alfar, James Allison, and Eric Rickstad. And me, because ... well, I'm not sure. Because they asked, and because I sent them a story nobody but a crazy person would want to publish, and because they're crazy people.

For a preview of the cover -- in color! looking like a living room from the '70s! -- check out Dean Alfar's blog (a blog that I should have discovered ages ago, and didn't, and so I will now read it faithfully).