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It struck me yesterday that actually the best form of fundraising for Bob Sheckley would be for someone to bring his best novels and short stories back into print in the US in mass-market form. Given that Douglas Adams was happy to acknowledge in interviews how much what Bob did in the 1950s and 60s resembled what Douglas did many years later (and actually Bob was Douglas's first choice to write the Starship Titanic novelisation)it seems like this is a perfect time to make his work available for a new generation.

--Neil Gaiman
(I mentioned Sheckley's hospitalization in Moscow before, and have now updated to the new PayPal link that goes directly to his family.)


  1. Mass market is kind of hard in the small press world, but the nice people at NESFA are producing a very nice Sheckley collection to coincide with his Guest of Honorship at this year's Worldcon.

  2. Wow -- the table of contents for that collection is great.

  3. We're reissuing MINDSWAP next year.


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