The New Old

At the time I wrote my current Strange Horizons column, the whole InfernoKrusher movement was still formulating itself. Between the time of writing and the time of publication, they have succeeded in krushing the basic premise of the column -- that there haven't been any new SF movements this year.

Oh well. At least the movements I propose in the column are serious.

Or you can just skip the column and read all the other fun things in the current issue.


  1. Hey, Matt! Congrats on your mention in Jim Kelly's latest column.


  2. Thanks, Mike. Jim's mentioned me now in two columns, mostly because, I think, he likes to see me blush.

    But I've subtly gotten him back -- one of the passages in the new SH column is loosely based on an old story of his...

  3. Read your latest Strange Horizons piece, Matt. Great fun. But what about the blogger movement? Blog Weirders? The New Blog? Or how about Waving the Blog?


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