Unconnected miscellaneous goodies from elsewhere:

*The new SF Site has been posted, and includes an essay in which I get all nostalgic about an anthology Robert Silverberg edited in the late 1980s (contents listed here).

*I haven't been able to bring myself to read any of the reports from WisCon yet, because I'm envious of everybody who had the time to go, but if you aren't as paralyzed with envy as I, then an easy way to catch up on everything that happened at the world's premiere convention on feminism and science fiction is to check out the WisCon Technorati tag list. I hadn't realized Technorati had a tag feature until I started seeing it popping up on some of Gwenda's posts. Huh. Looks like fun.

*A remembrance of Guy Davenport by Roy R. Behrens (via ReadySteadyBlog)

*Scott Esposito adds Powells links to a list of some of William T. Vollman's favorite books. Is anybody surprised that quite a few of the titles are big, sometimes multi-volume, books?

*Wonkette discovered this list of "The 10 Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries" created by a variety of lovely people associated with Human Events: The National Conservative Weekly. I was happy to see that I own more than half of them (and the ones on the list of honorable mentions). It's fun to own harmful books. And to read them. I encourage it.

*Jeff VanderMeer thinks the new Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Shit, is just ... well, beyond words. (My favorite review is Anthony Lane's. And yes, I did see the movie. Not exactly of my own free will, and not with my own money, so it wasn't as painful an experience as it could have been.) If Jeff's review isn't enough for you, be sure to read what Nick Mamatas had to say. (I know I said earlier that reviews such as Dale Peck's were pretty much useless, because for some reason at that moment I had faith in the basic [hypothetical] taste and intelligence of most film reviewers. Then I read the reviews in the major papers. Oh my, was I ever wrong. You'd think they were reviewing a lost masterpiece by Jean Renoir.)

*Ron Silliman on Shakespeare and opacity

*Jed Hartman has some good thoughts for new writers about where to submit SF short stories.

*Ken MacLeod has written a quick note about new movements in SF, and his punctuation in the second paragraph made me laugh out loud.

*Blogs new to me that I don't think I've mentioned before: La Bloga, Scott William Carter, Mario Milosevic, Marly Youmans. (One of these days I really will update the sidebar. I promise. Really.)

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