New is the new black, so here are some news, although a lot of them were found by other people, so they may not be news to all yous:
The new Ratbastards Website is now alive and biting. Go there and order the new chapbook. I'm not going to review this one, since I'm in it, so all I can do now is exhort you to spend the piddling little amount it costs and get yourself a great collection of stories by writers who are extraordinarily smart and talented. I was included because the editors were terrified I'd write another review, but the other stories are very much worth the time and money, and you can use the pages mine's on to take notes about why the other stories are good (because they are). Not that the Ratbastards publishing good stories is anything new. Even if they do occasionally slip sometimes and include weird drivel by me. Me writing weird drivel is nothing new.

The new issue of Strange Horizons has a new columnist, Christina Socorro Yovovich. And new fiction, poetry, art, and an article.

The new Fortean Bureau has lots of new fiction and a column by Nick Mamatas in which Nick says bad things about Lemony Snicket, who had said bad things about Lovecraft.

Charles Stross's new book is now available for free download, as is Cory Doctorow's. Both writers write things that are very new in their newness. They are the prophets of new, the New New.

Margaret Atwood has a new position on whether she writes science fiction.

Jim Sallis's new Reading Life column for the Boston Globe is about a new biography of Poe.

There's a new graphic adaptation of The War of the Worlds, with new installments each week. (via SF Signal)

There's nothing new in this stupidity, but it's nice to see a science fiction writer who knows something about science respond to it. That's not entirely new, but it's certainly welcome. I stole the links from Science Fiction Blog, where Edward Bryant is one of the contributors, a fact that is new to me. (I'm assuming this is the Edward Bryant, but I could be wrong, which would not be new.)

The newest post at Giornale Nuovo has some marvelous old pictures by Jean-Jacques Lequeu. The imaginary architectures are particularly nice.

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