19 September 2005

Blog Like a Pirate

Shiver me timbers, I nearly forgot that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! (And, oddly enough, I reread Treasure Island this weekend. Hadn't read it since I was about 8, and enjoyed it much more now than I did then, when I thought the book was a sluggish version of the movie.)

In honor of today, you can read this entire site as translated into PirateSpeak thanks to the Pirate Translator. Or you can walk another site of your choice off the plank! Arrrrggh!

Here be some guides to treasure:Well, that's enough of that. Back to yer stations, ye mutinous swine!


  1. The thing that most amazed me about Treasure Island when I reread it some years ago was how different Long John Silver was from his portrayal in the movies - younger, blond, more dangerous than quaint. RLS' model for him, supposedly, was the poet W.E. Henley.

    Rick Bowes

  2. Very true, Rick. I actually found it difficult to remove the image from the movies and follow the book's descriptions.

    I'm now reading some of Stevenson's short stories, which I've never paid attention to before. They're quite astounding.

  3. I reread Treasure Island last year, after reading a critical book on great children's/young adult's literature. The main point of the critical book was to look at what stories left a strong mark on the writer, and why these books had done so.

    I found TI very satisfying, having picked up a hardcover quality edition with Wyeth illustrations at a used book store.