MirrorMask: The Contest

The winner of the first part of this contest, which was to create it, is Niko. [So Niko, email me your mailing address and tell me which prize you want.] All of the entries were good, though there weren't many of them. I decided to go with the idea of writing something, because posting photos can be a pain. (But if anybody does feel like promoting the movie and taking a photo of themselves doing that promotion, I'm sure the publicity people would be appreciative, and I might be able to hook you up with a prize of some sort. No promises, but I'll do what I can.)

Here's the contest: Write an Onion-style headline involving MirrorMask. (Note that The Onion this week has an interview with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.)

Guidelines: Be amusing. The only entries that will be considered are ones that are entered into the comments to this post. The winner will get first choice of whatever prizes are left over once Niko chooses hers, second place gets next choice, etc., until there are no prizes left. The prizes are MirrorMask movie posters, action figures, and a bust of some sort. I'll be the judge, and the criteria will be simple: whichever headlines most amuse me will win.

And please tell everybody you know to go see the film if they can (it opens on Friday, September 30th in selected theatres in the U.S.). The entire goal is to get enough people to go see it that the distributors decide to send copies to theatres in central New Hampshire and I'll get to see it on the big screen. (Yes, this is all about keeping me happy. Why else have a blog?)

Deadline: Monday, October 3, by 8pm E.S.T.

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