26 September 2005

Contesting MirrorMask

There are many things I'm not good at, and one of them is coming up with contests. But the good people promoting the new Dave McKean/Neil Gaiman film MirrorMask have offered me some items associated with the film to give away however I want. Thus, I need a fun Mirrormask-themed contest. I don't usually do promo things, but I have a very selfish reason for doing this: MirrorMask is not likely to make it to anywhere where I'll have a chance to see it unless it becomes really popular, and because I love Dave McKean's artwork I want to see it on a big screen, not just the little screen I'll watch it on when the DVD comes out. So anything that might help cause people to go see the movie and get it into more theatres is okay by me.

So here's the deal: In the next two days, the person who comes up with what I think is the cleverest and most interesting contest to use to give the items away will get first pick of them. Please post your ideas in the comments for this post. This first part of the contest will end, and comments be closed, on Wednesday, September 28 sometime around 8pm. All decisions are mine, final, utterly subjective, perhaps unfair, etc. etc. etc.

The winner will get to choose among the following: a movie poster, collectible action figure, or a figure bust.


  1. How about 'best picture of yourself promoting Mirrormask in a public place'?

  2. Do you mean the contest will close on Wednesday the 28th? Or the contest will close on Monday the 26th?

  3. Wednesday the 28th. One of the other things I'm not good at is reading calendars. Thanks for pointing it out -- I've fixed the post now.

  4. I feel a "How Many Copies of Sandman Can You Balance on Your Head, Take a Picture of and then Post on the Net? Contest" would be lovely.

    Multiple copies and other McKean and Gaiman items would, of course, be allowed. (I presume the winner would have either an entire cardboard display of _American Gods_ or the actual Neil Gaiman or Dave McKean balanced in there somewhere.) In fact, the "Convince Neil Gaiman or Dave McKean to Balance on your Head Contest" sounds more interesting, but less likely to generate a winner.


  5. I've always liked the boring old writing or drawing contests (like "write an essay about why I should give you the prize" or "design a Dave McKean-style poster." Besides, I suck at balancing things on my head. Especially live things.