MirrorMask: The Contest

The winner of the first part of this contest, which was to create it, is Niko. [So Niko, email me your mailing address and tell me which prize you want.] All of the entries were good, though there weren't many of them. I decided to go with the idea of writing something, because posting photos can be a pain. (But if anybody does feel like promoting the movie and taking a photo of themselves doing that promotion, I'm sure the publicity people would be appreciative, and I might be able to hook you up with a prize of some sort. No promises, but I'll do what I can.)

Here's the contest: Write an Onion-style headline involving MirrorMask. (Note that The Onion this week has an interview with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.)

Guidelines: Be amusing. The only entries that will be considered are ones that are entered into the comments to this post. The winner will get first choice of whatever prizes are left over once Niko chooses hers, second place gets next choice, etc., until there are no prizes left. The prizes are MirrorMask movie posters, action figures, and a bust of some sort. I'll be the judge, and the criteria will be simple: whichever headlines most amuse me will win.

And please tell everybody you know to go see the film if they can (it opens on Friday, September 30th in selected theatres in the U.S.). The entire goal is to get enough people to go see it that the distributors decide to send copies to theatres in central New Hampshire and I'll get to see it on the big screen. (Yes, this is all about keeping me happy. Why else have a blog?)

Deadline: Monday, October 3, by 8pm E.S.T.


  1. Shocking Spoiler Alert: Neil Gaiman project about magic of storytelling.

  2. Freak Hurricane Timmy Wipes Michigan from Map, Only Survivors found at Premiere of "MirrorMask" where the Entire Building was Completely Untouched by the Storm: "It was an Act of God," explains the devout co-author of the film, Neil Gaiman, "as well as a not-so-subtle hint."

    [That takes out some of my frustration for living in the crappy state of MI, not to mention an hour away from the silly theatre the film is playing at. *grumbles* Grocery money is going to be gas money this weekend...]

    Elizabeth Ann

  3. Girl Trapped in Fantasy World: Alice and Dorothy Comment

  4. Vacation Hotspot 2005?: Gaimain and McKean's "Fantasy World" found to be Small Island Off NH Coast



  5. Aramis Troche9/29/2005 1:15 AM

    Mirrormask Fans Snubbed By Corpse Bride Fans, Mocked By Serenity Fans, Beat Up By Transporter 2 Fans

    Hee. :)


  6. MirrorMask released; Muppets protest.


  7. MirrorMask released; Muppets protest.

    bford@isdlab.com (Sorry if this is a double post... I noticed that my other post wasn't showing up in the main page.)

  8. Mirrormask Director Dave McKean Accidentally Creates New Dimension With iMac
    McKean: "I just needed somewhere to store my books."


  9. Gaiman and McKean hold up Mirror to Muppet Archives, Masking Hidden Horrors


  10. Outraged Movie Moguls Demand Explanations
    "If McKean Can Do This On 4 Mil, Why Do We Pay Megabucks?"

    And Matt, I owe you a review. Sorry! It's forthcoming! But it's giving me trouble! Sorry!

  11. MirrorMask: Can Labyrinth Magic Be Rekindled Without David Bowie's Bulging Crotch?

  12. Gaiman and McKean reteam for first time in 3 hours

  13. Dave McKean joins Robert Rodriguez on James Cameron's shit list

  14. After 17 Years of Trying: Two Men Procreate! (Englishmen... Go Figure)

  15. Mirrormask: New Nightclub Open!
    Walk in the doors and don't be surprised when everyone makes fun of you not wearing a mask.

    <3 My two cents. ^__^

  16. New Wave of Movie Piracy for McKean/Gaiman's Mirrormask
    Substantial lucid dreaming community views film without paying.


  17. Michael Moschen attends Mirrormask premiere; rolls eyes, balls

  18. Small Theaters Shocked By Large Crowds

  19. Goths Spotted Outside of Crypts For Second Time This Month

  20. Two Englishmen Steal Money from Muppets to Make Weird Movie

  21. muppetfan, age 139/30/2005 11:01 PM


    "I did think it was funny with him always wearing tights in "Labyrinth" and then there were these little potatoes with red hair...goblins, I mean," says Anonymous Source.

  22. (My vote is for Gaiman and McKean reteam for first time in 3 hours.)

    Mirrormask: A Little Movie From The Two Most Reknowned Artists You've Never Heard Of

    Weinstein Brothers Thoroughly Confused By Buzz For Sound-alike Film

    Little Known Factoid: Bowie Makes Mirrormask Cameo
    "I was one of the eyeball-spiders. Not that you could tell under all that CGI. Dave had me skittering across the bloody floor for hours!"

  23. In response to Mirrormask snub, Kermit the Frog teams with Quentin Tarantino in new revenge flick: It's Not Easy Being Green, Motherf***er!"


  24. My vote is also for "Gaiman and McKean reteam for first time in 3 hours." Or "Mirrormask: A Little Movie From The Two Most Reknowned Artists You've Never Heard Of."
    Too bad the first one's anonymous. But ah well. (Oh yeah I forgot to post my e-mail. skylinetapestry@aol.com ^^;)


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