World Fantasy: The Short Version

I haven't really slept more than a few hours here or there since last week, because the World Fantasy Convention was so well attended by interesting people who were willing to put up with my presence for at least a little while. I didn't win the award I was nominated for, but while of course this was disappointing, I think the judges did a great job, because the winner in my category, Robert Morgan of Sarob Press, actually does something useful: he publishes books. I like it when small presses get awards.

The award that most excited me was John Picacio's for art, because his work is stunning and it's nice to see him get recognition as a professional illustrator. If more illustration were of such quality, it would be less embarrassing to be associated with SF and fantasy books than it so often is.

I met oodles of people I had hoped to, and many others I hadn't realized I would, and they were all generous and fun and patient and silly and -- well, I barely made it to any panels other than the ones I was on, because I was just having so much fun spending time with people in hallways and lounges.

Sleep deprivation is causing me to keep this post short, but on either Wednesday or Friday I will give some more specific thoughts about the convention, the panels, the people, and the reason a couple of Australians now call me Captain Twee.

Until then, there is some coverage of the convention at Emerald City, but I haven't seen any specific reports other than that yet. Some pictures are here. I expect everyone is about as tired as I am, and so will be posting reports and pictures later.

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