More Maria

My conversation with Maria Dahvana Headley was fairly popular, and so I thought y'all might like to know that Maria has fused with her computer and is scattered all through cyberspace at the moment.

This week she's a guest blogger at Powell's Books. She's also set up a blog at and has resurrected her old Myspace thingy. And there's still the Year of Yes book tie-in site.

When a writer starts appearing all over the Internet like this, you know that they're just procrastinating work on the next book. (Or maybe that their publisher's publicity department has suddenly discovered that blogs are cheaper than book tours.)


  1. I believe the same thing happened to the protagonist of John Sladek's "The Muller-Fokker Effect."

  2. It's tragic! All I do is type....but the Powell's posts were fun.

    And I am now officially working on book 2. And 3. Simultaneously.

    And yes - blogs are cheaper than book tours.



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