Octavia Butler (1947-2006)

Octavia Butler was one of those writers about whom I was forever thinking, "I should read more of her work." I've read a lot of the short stories, but none of the novels yet. Therefore, I will let others speak about her [updated 3/1/06]:


  1. Dunno how comprehensive you aspire to be, but there's a substantial piece by Tim Burke. And one or two by Scott Eric Kaufman, in a couple of places . . .

  2. Thanks, Josh. I can't possibly aspire to comprehensiveness; I just saw a couple things after the first post that I thought were worth linking to, so I updated and did a bit more searching.

    I'd love it if people add more links here.

  3. Thanks for the link. I tend to read wide but not deep. Of the two books I have read of hers, one was actually a Book On CD (which in many ways as good as reading or better). I do need to read more. Unfortunately, the extent of her work is now finite.

  4. The extent of all energy is finite. I recommend Xenogenesis.

  5. Here's my mention of Butler's passing:


    I'll add your excellent list to the links I've collected.


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