Technical Difficulties

Posting will be sparse for the next week, because my computer's harddrive is dead. It will be replaced soon, but until it is my internet access is unpredictable. I have an external hard drive, so not too much was lost, other than a couple pages of a story I was working on and about three days of emails. (So if I haven't responded to something you sent, please bear with me and feel free to write again...)

If you're hungry for more odd, annoying, and/or contradictory thoughts from me, though, Strange Horizons has now posted my review of Doug Lain's Last Week's Apocalypse.


  1. Matt:

    I'm trying to visualize the difference between an infinite depth and a void but my hyperbole alarm is so loud I can't concentrate. ;0


  2. All a matter of perspective, Laird. I generally have both in my skull, but which dominates depends on who's looking inside...

    I got my hyperbole alarm down on Canal Street in Manhattan. I like it because it's so quiet!


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