In a Name

Gwenda Bond just sent me a news item about the Montana state spelling bee, which was won after 41 rounds with the winner correctly spelling the word mumpsimus.

Of course, we here at Mumpsimus Central are proud of our educational effect on the world, improving the spelling of readers far and wide.*

*Pronunciation is another thing entirely; I have discovered over the past few years that, despite its phoneticity, actually saying the word "mumpsimus" is quite difficult for most people. The Mumpsimus Guide to Proper Living suggests practicing the pronunciation of the word at least five times every morning and then five times before going to bed at night.

And, since we're here, the Mumpsimus Lawyer Cabal insists we note that the fact that one of our dearest of dear readers actually contracted the mumps this year has no direct relation to The Mumpsimus. Thank you for your support.


  1. I Googled "mumpsimus" after reading this story b/c I thought it'd be a better name for my blog than "farragos". So screw you for having a better vocabulary than me and taking that title already, but I'm glad to stumble across your blog.

  2. It's easier to pronounce if you stop to rest at the top of the "mump". MUMP-simus. See? Not so bad.

    (What only now occurs to me is that it wasn't till I figured out how to pronounce it that I was consistently able to spell it.)


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