17 April 2006

Catching Up with the LBC

Over at the LitBlog Co-op we've announced the Read This! selection for this quarter: Television by Jean-Philippe Toussaint. Each day this week, one other nomination for the Read This! choice will be announced by the nominator.*

We've changed some of our procedures for the LBC, having been doing it for about a year now and having had both some successes and some mis-steps. One of the things we discussed a lot was that we wanted readers to have more of an opportunity to seek out and read the books before we discussed them, so from here on out we're going to announce the nominations once we've got them. Hence, an announcement of the summer nominees. We're all beginning to read these right now and will vote on them in the coming months, so you now have a chance to read along and see if you agree with the result of our vote in the summer.

Also, we've decided to encourage more people to comment as we discuss the books: The name of everyone who comments at the LBC site during our discussions of these books will be entered into a drawing for a complete set of the nominated titles from this quarter.

*One of the nominated books is by a Friend of the Mumpsimus (yes, we have a couple). I deliberately kept a distance whenever we of the LBC were discussing it amongst ourselves, because it's not a book I feel I can be entirely objective toward.