Strange Horizons

First, it's Spring Fund Drive time at Strange Horizons, everybody's favorite nonprofit weekly speculative fiction web magazine. Unlike NPR, they don't stop programming to beg from you, they just offer gentle reminders now and then that they'd like to be able to continue paying their writers.

Second, it's Reader's Choice Awards time at Strange Horizons, where members of the unwashed masses have their say, regardless of whether they contributed to past fund drives! And they say nice things! We love the Strange Horizons readers (or at least the ones who voted)! Everybody deserves congratulations, but I'd like to offer special public congrats to Mike Allen, Alan DeNiro, and Theodora Goss, who did all the heavy thinking for the speculative poetry symposium that won first place in the Articles category. Congratulations all around!


  1. ...and congratulations to Matt whose column "The Stories That Predict Us" took first place in the Columns category.


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