Here Comes the Flood

Thanks to the folks who've asked if I have drowned in the record-breaking flooding that's going on all around northern New England right now. There are supposedly more than 600 roads closed in New Hampshire, some dams are failing, and all the towns around me have very flooded areas. My own particular postage-stamp of land is about 30 feet above the nearest river, so I should be fine. Here's an article about the evacuation of one of the towns that borders where I live.

And yes, it's still raining.


  1. This reminds me of watching all the flood debris on the Connecticut River when we had lunch at Riverview Café in Brattleboro. That's some wet!

  2. Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon, NH (with which Matt has some familiarity) put together a music list of flood-related songs to play for entertainment of the regulars. I got asked to contribute titles based on my Dylan expertise (although to the embarassment of my wife, I also tried to sneak in The Carpenters with Rainy Days and Mondays).

    But just about broadcaster is playing flood-related songs around here...

    --Eric S

  3. when we had lunch at Riverview Café in Brattleboro. That's some wet!

    You don't say.

  4. Sounds like good ol' England where I live. We're currently enjoying crappy weather with intermittent patches of not so crappy weather.


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