Before it won a special Tiptree Award and was noted by judge Matt Ruff, I hadn't encountered Regender, which rearranges the gender identifying words on websites. It can be a bit addicting...

For instance, while it's amusing to regender things like Google News and Arts & Letters Daily, the challenge is to get more and more creative: A regendered Playboy interview with Camille Paglia -- now that's fun! Even more illuminating is a regendered homepage for NARTH, the National Association for the Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, a group determined to cure gays of their degeneracy. Note the subtly revealing effect of regendering a NARTH paper like "Adolescent Homosexuality".

Regendering one's own site can be fun, too, although I was slightly disconcerted to see myself become renamed Mary Cheney. (Just yesterday I said to someone, "I should become a lesbian," but I didn't mean that one!)