Before it won a special Tiptree Award and was noted by judge Matt Ruff, I hadn't encountered Regender, which rearranges the gender identifying words on websites. It can be a bit addicting...

For instance, while it's amusing to regender things like Google News and Arts & Letters Daily, the challenge is to get more and more creative: A regendered Playboy interview with Camille Paglia -- now that's fun! Even more illuminating is a regendered homepage for NARTH, the National Association for the Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, a group determined to cure gays of their degeneracy. Note the subtly revealing effect of regendering a NARTH paper like "Adolescent Homosexuality".

Regendering one's own site can be fun, too, although I was slightly disconcerted to see myself become renamed Mary Cheney. (Just yesterday I said to someone, "I should become a lesbian," but I didn't mean that one!)


  1. I'm extremely entertained by the name rearrangement on my livejournal. I kept having to check and see whose names were originally whose. (I appear to be named "Son" when I'm male, in this universe. This will disappoint my parents. They'd slated me for "Simon.") Hee.

  2. Funnily enough, I'd always thought of myself as a "Rhonda," for simplicity's sake, but Regender seems to consider me a "Rose." And my website a "Benjamin."

  3. It's some kind of strange irony to have James Tiptree Jr regendered as a famale.--Eric S.


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