14 January 2010


My knowledge of Haiti is mostly limited to the revolution, but I, like many other people who should know more about a place so closely connected to the history and politics of my own, have been stunned by the images of destruction from the earthquake.  By now you probably know of where and how to donate to relief efforts.

I liked how Ann Fernald ended a thoughtful and personal post about Haiti (which I'm editing just to make a bit more direct):
Maybe ... while we pray for the victims, the survivors and all who help them, we should also try to think our way to a more just world, one in which Haiti would not always and forever suffer.


  1. Hey, thanks for the superb collection of admirable places to send donations. There should be more of these in lots more different places, because I think people are feeling like they want to give and just don't know where to turn.

    If I can add one more to the pile, can I suggest the International Rescue Committee (www.theirc.org)? The IRC is a great organization for those who worry that their donation will be swallowed up in a sea of administrative costs. It's not something I worry about very much, but I've heard, over the years, a lot of people worry about it and use it as a reason not to donate money to causes they otherwise believe in.

    The IRC runs lean and mean: only 10% of its funds go to administration and fundraising, leaving 90% for direct work. And, like many organizations, you can direct your money to a specific program--such as their work in Haiti, which right now involves getting clean water, medical care, and sanitation services into Port-au-Prince. It's hard to argue with that. Though, of course, in a broader sense, it's hard to argue with any organization trying to help Haiti right now. Every dollar and every hour counts.

  2. Thanks, Brian -- I just added it to the post as the link from the word "of" -- I figure as I discover more, I'll fill up that whole sentence!

    I've also been linking via the Fresh Links section of the sidebar to stuff that comes in via RSS, such as the great series of links The Rumpus has been putting up -- here's the latest, which links to the others as well.

  3. Thanks for the link, Matt.

    A friend suggests Sustainable Haiti for AFTER the immediate tragedy.