15 May 2010

The Return of Jeff Ford, Blogger

Once upon a time, Jeff Ford was one of my favorite bloggers.  He posted stories, rants, photos, etc. on a Livejournal site charmingly called 14 The Ditch.  It's now only available in fragments on the Wayback Machine, alas.  Mr. Ford quit halfway through his first term decided to focus more of his time writing award-winning stories and novels, and further recovering from once collaborating with a schmuck, the lowest moment of his career.  He opened a Facebook account and spent most of his time posting cute pictures of cats and the occasional status message such as, "Jeffrey Ford has decided to accept the offer to write 10 books in the Left Behind series.  Important to have an eclectic career if you want to survive these days as a writer."

Thankfully, Mr. Ford has decided to return to the land of blogging with a new Livejournal site, Crackpot Palace.  No more cute cat pictures, he promises.  And he's given up Left Behind for the Predator series.  His first such novel, Predator: Another Bullshit Night in Newark is nearly complete.  I'm sure there will be plenty of updates via the blog, so be sure to add it to your daily reading!


  1. "You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults."

    Is Jeff's blog that obscene and offensive?!?

  2. Really? I didn't get that warning! Now I'm jealous!

  3. Does it say that on my blog? Haha, I didn't even know. I'm like a blind man setting that stuff up. If it says that, though, I'll leave it. Cool.

  4. Yes, I get a 'Adult Content Notice' - warning me that the content I am about to view "may contain material only suitable for adults: to continue, you must confirm that you are at least 18 years of age".
    Luckily, I am over 18 years-old so I click 'yes' - and all the individual threads have the same warning. Boy, it must be hot dangerous stuff!