Friday Fun Fact

The original novel of First Blood by David Morrell -- the book that gave us the character of John Rambo -- is dedicated to Philip Klass and William Tenn, author of, among other things, "The Liberation of Earth".


  1. The book, you mean, that gave us the character of John Rambo, before Sylvester Stallone took it away?

  2. In an interview with Charles Platt, Alfred Bester says that when he was an editor at “Holiday” magazine Peter Benchley came in with an article about sharks, and Bester told him that what Benchley really had was the first chapter of a good novel if he was prepared to do the work. And so the world got “Jaws”.

  3. Matt---

    If you're not aware of it, David Morrell was a grad student at Penn State and Phil Klass was a mentor to him.

    ---Gordon V.G.

  4. Thanks, Gordon -- I knew about Morrell being at Penn State, but had forgotten that Phil Klass was there. I just saw this article online, which I must have read in the Noreascon program book when I attended, but maybe not, because I'm sure I would have remembered the Rambo connection. (My interest in Rambo will be revealed very soon in an article at The House Next Door blog...)

    I also love that Morrell is a John Barth scholar, which I've known for some time. It gives my genre-bending, Rambo-influenced heart much happiness.

  5. Yeh, the Morrell essay in which he talks about PK teaching him to be a writer is worth tracking down.


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