Last summer, some friends and I got together and very quickly made a 40-minute horror movie, because ... well, that's what friends do together, right? I've now put it online so that everybody can see the sort of mischief we get up to here in the woods of New Hampshire. For more details, see its Vimeo page.

(Note: It's got adult language and some gore.)


  1. Meat machine! (cf. Sorokin's Ice)

  2. Watching it now. You have the same phone that I do at my desk around the 1:30 mark!

  3. I love that phone for the film simply because when the voicemail is empty, it says, "You have no message." This seemed appropriate for the character...

    I got some ribbing from folks about the outgoing message on the machine, though, with the obviously artificial "555-", since it's not essential that his number be on the message. But anything that heightened the artificiality seemed good to me, though in some ways that may have been a bit too obviously fake. It's good for a chuckle, perhaps.

    Thanks for taking a look at it!

  4. Jim Flannery8/11/2011 3:41 AM

    Ida Lupino FTW!

  5. You get the prize! Nobody has identified The Hitch-hiker before! (I don't know what the prize is. Maybe I'll send you a hitchhiker...)


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