Trying Out Google Plus

I'm giving Google Plus a test run, because with the Start Google Plus browser extension, I've been able to link all of my Facebook and Twitter feeds in a way that is not overwhelming, and so it looks like I might be able to use Plus as a single hub from which to access various forms of social networking clearly. Using Plus's circles, it's really easy to keep track of various groups of people, so I'm perfectly happy to add folks I don't know, which I don't do with Facebook, because I hate just about everything with Facebook's interface.

I don't promise to be a prolific poster on Plus (I'm not prolific on Facebook or Twitter), but if you want to add me, here's my profile, and I'll probably reciprocate. (I say probably because I'm still exploring the technology and don't want to make any categorical promises! My great fear is somehow I'll stop following somebody and then they'll think I hate them and I won't even have realized I've done it. Maybe I should create circles for my various anxieties...)

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