So Long Been Dreaming Review

I have a review of So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy up at SF Site. It's not the sort of review I particularly enjoy writing, because it's a negative judgment of a book I'd had high hopes for. I did think Vandana Singh's story "Delhi" was remarkable, and I hope it will appear in a Best of the Year collection or two so that it gets wider circulation. I also liked a lot of Greg van Eekhout's "Native Aliens" -- though I didn't think it was entirely successful, what worked worked really well.

As I reread the review (which was written in September, I think, so I'd forgotten most of what I'd said), I wondered how other people had responded to the book, because in many ways I think it's the sort of anthology that deserves reviews from a variety of readers. Most reviewers would probably have good things to say about the Singh and van Eekhout stories, but would contradict each other on the rest.