Off to Austin

I'm heading off to Austin, Texas in the morning to the AWP Conference, where I'll be on a panel Saturday morning with Brian Evenson, Laird Hunt, Kelly Link, and Jeff VanderMeer (organized and moderated by our friends from Omnidawn press).

I'll also be reading part of a new short story at BookPeople at 7pm on Thursday night, and if you're anywhere near Austin you should go, not because I'm there, but because the other readers are Gavin Grant, Brian Evenson, Kelly Link, Michael Moorcock, and Jeff VanderMeer.

I also just learned that Thom Didato, editor of the wonderful will be there selling, among other things, Failbetter beer mugs. I haven't seen Thom in a couple years, so I'm psyched to get a chance to catch up with him.

Unless something goes wrong, I should have internet access while in Austin, and will do what I can to post at least a few updates as time permits.

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