21 August 2006

Next Quarter at the LBC

Over at the LitBlog Co-op we have let it be known that we are nominating three books for the fall quarter, about which you will hear much, much more starting on October 16.

I nominated one of the books this round, Manbug by George Ilsley (published by Arsenal Pulp), and will say lots of things about it once the time is right. For now, I'll just say it's a novel full of entomology and sex, and the voice and oddity of the book so captured my attention that I read the whole thing in one sitting, then went back and reread the novel more carefully, to spend time with some of the sections I had skimmed. I'm very curious how the book hits other readers, because there are elements about it that will probably be pretty annoying to some people, which just means we might have some good discussion during Manbug week, whichever week that ends up being.

The other nominees are fun as well, and so the fall is shaping up to be a quarter that's definitely worth reading along with.