16 October 2006


There are things in the world. Some of them include:
  • Firmin, the Fall 2006 LitBlog Co-op Read This! choice. Much more to come in the next few weeks about Firmin and the other two nominees.

  • I got my contributor's copies of One-Story today. That means they should be heading out to subscribers this week...

  • Electric Velocipede #11 is now ready for pre-order. This issue includes my collaboration with Jeff Ford, "Quitting Dreams", as well as some things you might actually enjoy reading.

  • Theodora Goss has posted the TOC to Interfictions, the anthology of "interstitial" stories being published by Small Beer Press, edited by Dora and Delia Sherman. It's an interesting mix of authors, and particularly nice to see some translated fiction there.

  • It's Fall Fund Drive time at Strange Horizons. At SH the staff are all volunteers, but the writers get paid. Go give them money so no more editors get arrested for armed robbery of NPR stations.