Help Paul Tremblay Celebrate the Publication of His Second Novel By Buying It From Somewhere Other Than Amazon

Paul Tremblay and I were emailing recently, but I didn't realize until I read his comment on an excellent blog post by John Scalzi that Paul's second novel, No Sleep till Wonderland, is 1.) being published today, and 2.) published by Henry Holt, a subsidiary of Macmillan, which means that for the moment it's not being sold on  (Yes, there are copies available from third-party sellers -- these are probably review copies, and they send no royalties to the writer.)

The first day of a novel's publication should be a day of celebration and joy, not a day when the world's largest monopolistic bookseller refuses to sell your book because they're in a spat with another massive corporation.

I don't know Paul well, and I haven't read his novels, but I've read his short fiction and met him a few times.  His story "The Two-Headed Girl" is included in Best American Fantasy 3.  He's a nice guy and a good writer.

So here's an idea to help alleviate some of the collateral damage of Amazon's fight with Macmillan: Buy Paul's book or encourage your local library to buy Paul's book.  If you like Paul's writing or you just want him to know that you're happy for him on this day of the release of his second novel, contact him (his website has his email address; his blog is here).  Here are some places you can buy No Sleep till Wonderland or find libraries that have it:
Lots of Macmillan writers are having their books published today, and none of those books are available via  Paul is the one of those writers I happen to know about.  Let's not let a corporate argument sour a day that should be a proud and exciting one for him.

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