The Carol Emshwiller Project

Blogging here has been light-to-nonexistent recently because I've been swamped with work, much of it delightful, including creating a very special blog: The Carol Emshwiller Project.

Carol Emshwiller turns 90 on April 12, and there are lots of celebrations going on. We'll be posting all sorts of things to the blog, especially on the 12th itself, and anyone is welcome to contribute, either by writing on your own site or submitting something to me via email. Anything celebratory is welcome, from long and insightful considerations of Mrs. Emshwiller's oeuvre to a few sentences of joyful best wishes. Write a song, make a video, create fanfic!

To learn more about Carol Emshwiller and her work, check out the site. And be sure to stop by on the 12th to share your joy in our cause.

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