SF vs. Sci Fi

There's some discussion of the abbreviations "sci fi" and "SF" at Norman Geras's blog. This is an important discussion if you want to be sure not to insult particularly sensitive people.

Other people will probably find it about as meaningful as Henry Fonda's insistence on the distinctions between beer and ale in The Lady Eve.


  1. I remember having the exact same experience as the author of that blog, reading some finely tuned intellectual blather on about how the 'real' stuff should only ever be referred to as SF.

    I'll bet we both read it in the same book. Some important-sounding 'SF' compendium or some such long since tossed from my ever diminishing collection.

    I thought it was annoying and pretentious tripe then and still do. The more people try to justify why science fiction must be called this or that the more laughable it becomes.

    So fearful of living in what someone disinterested party might perceive to be a ghetto!

    Fine. We're not retarded, we're differently abled. I get it! Really though, at it's base it's no different than a child deciding to smoke cigarettes. We want to look cool and grown up and ahead of the droll masses.

    There is nothing new under the sun. No original thoughts anywhere to be found.


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