27 June 2004

From the cover of the new Locus

I'm very much looking forward to reading the new Locus because it has interviews with Jeff Ford and Alexander C. Irvine. Both are quoted on the cover:
There are situations in life where you cannot quite name the experience -- you don't have the emotional maturity, or intelligence, or there is no way to name it ... You don't know how to describe the situation, so you tell a story around it to bring out that thing you couldn't name before.

Everybody always has to complain about something, but in what time would you rather exist as a science fiction reader than right now? The days when science fiction was an adolescent literature are over. There will always be adolescent SF books, but the whole genre is no longer geared toward them.
To bide our time until the new issue arrives (with Locus Award results included), here are links to some other interviews with those two writers:
Ford at Infinity Plus (interviewed by Jeff VanderMeer, SF Site, Bookpage, Trampoline, Booksense

Irvine: Booksense, Wormhole Books, Trampoline. (Worth looking at, also, are 3 articles -- all PDF files: The War of the Worlds and the Disease of Imperialism, Towing Jehovah: Atheism, Orthodoxy, and Genre, and Postcolonial Generations: Yeats and Okigbo).
That should be enough to tide us all over until Locus ships on June 29...