More Links than A Vegan Sausage Factory

A couple of miscellaneous things to tide you over until I write a real post someday:

*Jeff VanderMeer has been blogging up a storm over at VanderWorld, writing about all the books he's simultaneously reading.

*I just read the new edition of Michael Moorcock's Wizardry & Wild Romance: A Study of Epic Fantasy, available from Monkey Brain Books (which will soon be publishing Jeff VanderMeer's collection of nonfiction, Why Should I Cut Your Throat?). Here's a taste:
The sort of prose most often identified with "high" fantasy is the prose of the nursery-room. It is a lullaby, it is meant to soothe and console. It is mouth-music. It is frequently enjoyed not for its tensions but for its lack of tensions. It coddles, it makes friends with you, it tells you comforting lies.

*Chris Barzak has moved to Japan and is now writing about his experiences.

*The new version of Amazing Stories is now looking for a new editor, since Dave Gross got an offer he couldn't refuse (he talks about it on the Amazing blog). The job posting is here. Encourage your favorite editor to apply!

*At The Reading Experience, Dan Green has been writing about both metafiction and postmodernism. Even if you don't know what those words mean, you should read what he has to say.

*Giornale Nuovo showcases some wonderful, whimsical drolleries (that is, little decorative drawings in the margins of a book) from a manuscript of The Book of Hours.

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