Speaking of Elsewhere and Other Things

Some things to look at:

*An excellent discussion of China Mieville and economics over at Crooked Timber. Start here with Henry Farrell, then move to here with John Holbo. I look forward to their take on Iron Council, which I have just begun reading and am enjoying much more than I did The Scar.

*Speaking of John Holbo, the weblog he maintains with his wife, Belle, called John & Belle Have a Blog, is always good and often excellent.

*I recently saw a new biography of Borges at a bookstore and somehow managed to keep myself from buying it (the $35 price helped). Here's a review from The Boston Globe. (via Rake's Progress)

*Speaking of things to buy, the great live album The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads is finally being released on CD, with some extra tracks. (Maybe I'll buy a copy for Jeremy...)

*Fantastic Metropolis has an interview with and a story by L. Timmel Duchamp. I have read neither yet, but will soon.

*Speaking of things I haven't read but will soon, Katherine Cramer has posted a PDF of a September 11 special supplement to the New York Review of Science Fiction.