How to Kill Time

Whenever I have a lot to do, I do other things. This, of course, causes stress and anxiety and lateness and all sorts of other maladies, but it also leads to the discovery of things that I might not ever discover. I currently have an entire book to read before a class tomorrow, but am I reading it? No. Instead, I have been looking for fun stuff on the web, because that's why the web is there, isn't it? To provide me with fun stuff. Here, then, is what I have found by doing everything other than what I should be doing:Having a blog is a marvelous way to use time that could otherwise be used productively, too....


  1. There certainly is a lot of fun stuff. The archives on years-old comics, for instance, have been known to consume strong men whole.

  2. And this too shall pass. A fellow sinner, I see. Good luck with all them other things. I wasted time differently today - I sat outside with my oldest child drinking. My youngest was appalled.

  3. Just been catching up - facsinating stuff. Thanks for the link with Chomsky.


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