MirrorMask Contest Winners

Thanks to everybody who offered Onion-style headlines about MirrorMask for the contest. I've got enough prizes for four winners, I think, so here they are, with first place getting first pick, second second, etc.:

Gaiman and McKean reteam for first time in 3 hours

New Wave of Movie Piracy for McKean/Gaiman's Mirrormask:
Substantial lucid dreaming community views film without paying.

Gaiman and McKean hold up Mirror to Muppet Archives, Masking Hidden Horrors

Mirrormask Fans Snubbed By Corpse Bride Fans, Mocked By Serenity Fans, Beat Up By Transporter 2 Fans
[Aramis Troche]

Thanks again to everybody who participated. (If you're the writer of the fourth place winner, please let me know so I can have the film's publicity folks send you something.)

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