The First Annual Mumpsimus "Cup of Coffee for a Genius" Award

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been alluding to a plot to reconfigure the entire economic, cultural, and political face of the world, and now I am ready to reveal it: A new award.

The Award
Yes, indeed, the world needs another award. Therefore, I have created a top-secret selection committee composed entirely of myself, and have a specific set of vague criteria to determine a recipient. The recipient must
  • be an exceptionally creative individual, preferably a writer, preferably one whose work I've read
  • show significant promise for interesting future work, preferably writing
The award will therefore provide a qualified individual selected by the committee with the following prize:The goal of the award is to provide the recipient with enough money for at least one cup of coffee, plus a cup for that coffee.

The 2005 Award
The recipient of the 2005 Mumpsimus "Cup of Coffee for a Genius" Award is.......

Rudi Dornemann
I was particularly impressed by Rudi's story "The Sky Green Box" in Rabid Transit: Menagerie this year, and have been impressed by a number of other stories he has published over the past couple of years. It is my hope that with a good cup of coffee (or tea or whatever) he will find the inspiration to produce at least one more strong and energetic work of fiction.