New New New!

There's a new issue of Strange Horizons available. I don't think I've mentioned the latest SH fund drive yet, but it's up and running. Please don't punish them for publishing me -- they do publish some good stuff, like the new interview with Holly Phillips by David Lynton. And fiction and poetry and the a marvelous new series of daily reviews of all sorts of things. And yes, I have a new column there this week, the most amusing part of which is the pullquote on the contents page: it's taken from my quote of James Wood in the column. It's a great sentence, so I'm perfectly happy to be associated with it.

In other new news, there's a new SF Site out now. I'm behind in reading, so haven't had a review there for a month or so, but there are interviews with Gwyneth Jones and Simon Clark, plus reviews of a wide variety of books.

It's not really new, but I haven't mentioned it here before, so it's new to this site: SciFiction has reprinted "Painwise" by James Tiptree, Jr. It's not Tiptree's best story, but it's one that hasn't been reprinted too often, so it's good to see it have an easily-accessible home.

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