Quote for the Day

    REBECCA: Guess where I went after tea? To the cinema. I saw a film.
    DEVLIN: Oh? What?
    REBECCA: A comedy.
    DEVLIN: Uh-huh? Was it funny? Did you laugh?
    REBECCA: Other people laughed. Other members of the audience. It was funny.
    DEVLIN: But you didn't laugh?
    REBECCA: Other people did. It was a comedy. There was a girl...you know...and a man. They were having lunch in a smart New York restaurant. He made her smile.
    DEVLIN: How?
    REBECCA: Well...he told her jokes.
    DEVLIN: Oh, I see.
    REBECCA: And then in the next scene he took her on an expedition to the desert, in a caravan. She'd never lived in a desert before, you see. She had to learn how to do it.
    DEVLIN: Sounds very funny.

    --from Ashes to Ashes
    by Harold Pinter, Nobel laureate

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