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Pardon a moment of personal news, but I have mentioned here that I was looking for a new job, and so I thought I would announce that I found one. I will be teaching in Paramus, New Jersey for the '07/08 school year (and hopefully beyond). I'm going to start looking for apartments immediately, probably in Hoboken or Jersey City or somewhere around there, and then will begin moving as soon as I can.

All of this will have some implications for The Mumpsimus, both in the short and long term. In the short term, expect some book give-aways and maybe even book sales (I really don't want to move thousands of books to NJ). Also, if you're a publisher or author, please don't send me anything until I have a new address (I'll send out one of those charming mass emails once I have said address). Blogging is likely to be typically erratic.

In the long term, this change should mean a lot more varied writing here. First, because I'm moving to a job that will, once I adjust to it, probably allow me a lot more time to read and write. This past year has been very difficult in terms of all the things that took over my schedule. (I haven't completed any new fiction, aside from a 400-word story, since I wrote "The Last Elegy", recently published in Logorrhea.) But once I get through the next couple months, life should be considerably different.

Also, because I'll be living just over the river from Manhattan, I hope to be able to write about more events here, particularly plays. There are a couple of big shows I hope to see, but mostly I'm looking forward to rediscovering what's been going on beyond the glitter of Broadway -- it's been ten years since I was last able to see much New York theatre, and I've missed it. I can only begin to imagine what sorts of changes are ahead.

In other news, Jeff VanderMeer has announced some great things about Best American Fantasy, which is now only a couple months away from being released...


  1. Hey Matt, happy to hear that the New York area will be graced with your presence soon! :) Best of luck with the move. Jersey City is quite the place to be these days -- see -- so I'm sure you'll be happy on that side of the Hudson!

  2. Welcome to NJ. She's not a bad state. The only one with an official devil, actually.

  3. Wow. I get to NYC about twice a year. So I'll get to see you more than once a conference!

  4. The official devil? Jeff Ford, you mean?

  5. Good. You'll be able to start coming to the KGB readings!

  6. Hey--Bud told me about your move--congratulations! We *love* Jersey City...let me know if you need any orienting... (

  7. Confetti!

    Was that short piece the Amnesty International anthology story that Clare talked about?

  8. No, I wrote the piece in The Flash about a year and a half ago. The new piece is one that I don't know what I'm going to do with, though I may send it to Weird Tales, because I like their new direction.

  9. Ah. I liked your Logorrhea story. No doubt you will be productive, once the boxes go away.

    In Trenton, New Jersey, it is illegal to throw a bad pickle into the street. Just thought you'd like to know what sort of destination you've picked.

  10. Congratulations on the new job, Matthew. Sounds like a good development in your career. What will you be teaching?


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