Friday Giveaways

Update: And now it's all gone! Thanks to everybody who responded -- there were more responses than I had stuff. I'm sure there will be more in the future, though.

In the first of what may become a continuing series, I've got stuff to give away!

The Stuff:
  • Acacia by David Anthony Durham (Advance Reading Copy)
  • Boomsday by Christopher Buckley
  • Breakfast with the Ones You Love by Elliot Fintushel
  • Dark Mondays by Kage Baker (ARC)
  • The Music of Razors by Cameron Rogers (ARC)
  • The New York Review of Science Fiction issue #224, which includes a glossary by Michael Swanwick for Greer Gilman's Moonwise, a memoir of editing Galaxy by John J. Pierce, etc.
How to Get the Stuff: Send an email saying which of the stuff you want, ranked in order of priority (in case you can't have your first choice). Include your name and mailing address. Each of the stuffs will go to whoever 1.) asks for it first and 2.) includes their name and address. I will alert you by email if you will be receiving any of the stuff, and will update this post once all the stuff is gone.